With a smile on her face, she braves the odds

With a fire in her heart, she steers the boat.


She stands tall, taller than your ego,

Yet she is humble and pines for the little.


You have her and so do I,

Some never knew her, while some ran out of time.


Her presence is magic, yet I fail to tell her so,

She has the belly to take in all the wrongs, yet she never minces words.


It’s her. It’s her, the muse of my life,

She never ceases to amaze, and wraps that enigma like an enchanted cloak.


You inspire me like the never ending flame,

And push me to grow like a Giant Sequoia,


Even if I grow up to be with an ounce of goodness that you exude,

I would call myself worth living.


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Is it being nervous or is it resistance to change? I am not too sure yet. But never was it so severe. The gut tightening, stomach clenching feeling….it leaves me out of breath the entire day. Days are moving faster than I thought they did.
They say I am paranoid. I overthink. I allow it to get to me and faster. The complex web of being brutal and manipulating is not blending in well with me.
I am gasping for breath every single moment. I hate the nightfall for it leads to a new dawn. And the cycle continues. All of what I am pouring into this pensieve is oozing of negativity. They say I should let it go. I can’t. I choose to think of it like I am thrown in a deep swimming pool. I hate water around me. It is scary and drowning. I want to go to the mountains. Again.
Yes. The mountains. The peaceful serene mountains. Amidst the cool breeze, fragrance of nature and the stillness of life. I hate this pace.
I want to write more. Read more. Travel. I don’t care about how the sudden shift might affect me. Right now I feel like I am running blind in the dark.
Tha pressure to excel in an unsavoury environment will kill me. It’s not false.

I yearn for the air. I yearn for the freedom..

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