3 Startups That Are Helping India On Path Towards Healthcare SDGs

via 3 Startups That Are Helping India On Path Towards Healthcare SDGs

Setting up the Millennium Development Goals was the first step taken towards creating a better world, a better environment and a better life. But, over the time Millennium Development Goals turned out to be myopic and did not address the problem, holistically. For development in Healthcare, many other allied issues had to be address and a vertical, compartmentalised approach wasn’t enough. That is when SDGs came into the picture.

SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in September 2015 at the United Nations Summit. While India has made significant progress in its state of Healthcare, we are still miles away from reaching an ‘acceptable point’ in terms of the quality of healthcare and its distribution at the ground level.

There were 17 Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted, of which Goal #3 zeroes in on the current state of healthcare. It states –

Ensure healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages.

Detailed listing of Goal #3 – Global



India’s Healthcare SDGs


Where Do We Lack?


The sheer size and scale of the country points means that the success of the global goals, to a large extent, depends on progress made in India. But, there are certain glaring lacunae in the current healthcare system in India, that need to be addressed on priority to achieve the SDGs.

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