Content Writing 102: A Recipe to Dish out the Most Sumptuous Piece of Content

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In my last post, Content Writing 101: Content Writing for Dummies, we focused upon the different forms of content that are consumed every day. In here, we will learn how to determine the right story for your content. Every piece of content that you write or plan to write should have a story, and a credible one. Any cock and bull redundant news with all the juice sucked out will go down the drain.

Be it a blog, an article, a video or a podcast. Whatever you create with the intent for others to see and consume, should be worth consuming. Your sources, facts, your analysis on the data at hand and the time of publishing should be strong enough for readers to pop their eyeballs, jump on their chairs and break out of their comfort zones to read and view it.

The Hero’s Content Cycle

Writer and philosopher…

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