It’s not safe for us anymore…

Yet another epitome of brutality showcased in front of the world. But this time, it went a step further. The victim being a 5yr old girl. No! A kid, a baby! It hasn’t been a while when the last Delhi gang-rape cum murder case rocked the world, that a fresh voraciously psychotic, sodomic, paedophilic and shamefully violent molestation has gripped us. It’s beyond my sub conscious imagination as to why, why is a little girl made the victim of such devouring violence. A daily wage laborer’s daughter.

The morning papers described the scale of injuries the little soul was subjected to. Physical and mental. At an age where the girl has just learn’t to speak, learn’t to identify the tangibles surrounding her and her mom’s caring bosom to be her universe; she was brutalized subjected to torture which even grown ups like us would shudder to imagine. Candles, plastic bottles, bite marks??? I mean, what was he thinking???  Even the capital punishment seems docile before this.

And to add a zest of carelessness to this whole thing, the AIMS doctors refrained from getting the kid treated by a psychologist. The police bribed the family to keep mum about this.  Now it’s been more than 10 days post the incident and there is a forced lull everywhere.

I just have one question, why is the government trying to hush this up? Is this an indication of the fact that Delhi is no more hospitable for women, girls and kids??? These questions are going to remain unanswered along with the preaching and appeals to respect and protect women.

I am ashamed to call these animals as my countrymen.

Signing off!


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