Endless contemplation, boundless confusions, still unaware of what I seek. A respite or a siphon? A huge entangled web of thoughts, growing larger and fuzzier, making me difficult to breathe.

As I look out of my window, I see the mango tree. It’s tawny boughs dancing free. Pregnant with sweetness that every living soul desires, never does it fails to give, till the time tires.


Being my first attempt at writing, I am still unsure of what I want to pen down. But nevertheless I want to let my trail of thoughts flow into this Pensieve, where I can look upon them in times of distress, times when I need a pat on my back, an open gush of oxygen.

My mind is like a blank canvas right now, white. My fingers are like a painter holding a brush but unsure of how and where to start. I want to paint it. Fill it with colours. But I am scared whether it would turn out to be beautiful. Beautiful, with shades and strokes. I want my creation to talk to me, inspire me. I doubt whether I can do it. But yes, I can. I sound very dual because I am thinking dual. With every bated breath comes an anxiety, an urge. Very quietly an idea creeps into my dark mind. My mind, dark without illumination.

So much to think, so less to say. When can I ever fill this void? Incomplete as it sounds,

I will still leave it that way.


7 thoughts on “Void

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  1. Wow…firstly..I was going to crrect the spelling “Pensieve”..thankfully I looked it up on Google..not being a Harry Potter fan, was not introduced to this word..but I liked ur name for the blog…Liked your writing too…it is profound..not for simple worded people like us…but way to go lil sis!! May you keep penning your words and gather a lot of followers on the go!! Kudos!

  2. u have blank canvas … u have brush and paint with you … what else you desire for .. full on … problems r with dos who have canvas but already filled with colours … so u hv all signs to paint a good portrait .. cheers to u
    would like to see some beautiful painting coming up soon πŸ™‚
    best of luck

  3. Good one..I think in a couple of blogs there has to be a talking, inspiring and bright canvas filled with colours of hope and joy that will steer you and readers into a new world……Cheers..Sunil

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